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 "Asia and Africa today" № 4 2017



AziaAfrika04 2017


 Top Problem

LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES: PRO- GRESS AGAINST THE BACKGROUND OF PROBLEMS by V.A.Meliantsev, Dr.Sc. (Econo- mics), Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Keywords: least developed countries (LCD), economic growth, models and factors of economic development, productivity, poverty, fragile states index
The article, based on a number of calculations and models, examines trends of economic and social performance of four dozen of the poorest countries in the world. It is argued that after a prolonged period of dismal economic growth, the majority of the least developed countries (LDCs), which had carried out a series of institutional and economic reforms and benefitted from improvement in terms of foreign trade and increase in foreign direct investment, have recently recorded a substantial progress in rates of growth of GDP per capita, total factor productivity and investment efficiency. These changes in the most successful among LDCs were largely brought about by upsurge in dynamics of exports, agricultural production and government efficiency. However, the basis of LDCs’ growth is rather shaky. The relative and absolute gaps in development levels between them and on the whole with other developing countries are still expanding. LDCs are grappling with severe manifestations of poverty and suffer from lack of appropriate infrastructure, human capital and workable institutions.


 Policy, Economy

Keywords: defense industry, innovation, Israel, the conversion of the economy, IDF, Office of the Chief Scientist, R&D.
The paper provides an overview of the main components of the innovative activity of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the military-industrial complex of the country, taking into account the dynamics of their development. Particular attention is paid to the conversion process. Based on the need to give a comprehensive picture of what is happening in Israel in the framework of the study, the paper provides an overview of the national nuclear project - rather a closed issue for Israeli studies. It also examines the role of cultural factors, emerging, particularly in the IDF in the formation and development of national innovations economy. The role of public policy in the process of creation of the Israeli defense industry, and in the process of transformation of the results of its activities to civilian production with the preservation of the existing R&D base is thoroughly analyzed. In this regard, a separate analysis is provided of the operation of the Office Chief Scientist of the Ministry of economy of the country.


Keywords: Japan, Japanese youth, marriage problems, surveys, family values
Currently, Japanese society is at the stage of change and transformation of all spheres of life. These changes also affected the family sphere. Although Japan still can be seen as a society in which marriage is the norm, the number of young people who are not in a hurry to create their own family, is growing steadily. Such a change in the traditional model of marriage involves a change of attitude to the institution of marriage and the expectations of it among Japanese youth.


Keywords: South-East Asia, ASEAN, agriculture, economic growth, factors of agricultural production, labor productivity, land productivity, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia.
The article presents three models of economic growth in agriculture of South-East Asian Nations: Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Each of these countries has made significant progress in the transformation process of agricultural production, agriculture in these countries developing as export- oriented, but the level of integration into the world economy is different. Malaysia shows a model of agricultural growth, focused on the implementation of the price rents at the maximum level of inclusion in the world economy. Indonesia shows the Eastern model of agriculture resettlement. Vietnam shows a growth of foreign investment in agricultural production based on new forms of contract farming.


 Russia and The East

SOUTH AFRICA: RUSSIAN DIGITAL SPRINGBOARD by E.R.Salakhetdinov, PhD (History), V.A.Sidorov. PhD (Economics). Institute for African Studies, RAS
Keywords: South Africa, information technology, Kaspersky Lab, Naspers, BRICS
This article analyses cooperation between Russia and South Africa in the sphere of information technology. Advantages and challenges of doing business in South Africa are evaluated. For this purpose successful example of “Kaspersky Lab”, which is rapidly growing on the African continent, is considered. “Kaspersky” does not only sell its products, but also advises businesses and government agencies of various African countries. South African companies are also interested in the Russian IT-sector, investing into development of such web services as “VKontakte” and “Mail.ru Group”. Materials for this article were obtained during field research in South Africa and in discussions with Russian and South African diplomats, representatives of the academic community and businessmen. Information about «Kaspersky» in Africa was obtained by interviewing the head of South African branch.


 Foreign Expert Opinion

AU-HYBRID PEACEKEEPING MISSION: BUILDING PRODUCTIVE PARTNERSHIPS by S.O.Idahosa (Nigeria), Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Keyewords: AU-hybrid mission, UN, Peacekeeping, CSTO, Conflict, Peace-building, Russia.
The author attempt to explore the importance of Peacekeeping in Africa, the role of AU-UN hybrid mission. The international system has changed in many ways since the first deployment of peacekeepers in
1948; new actors and challenges have emerged and mandates have evolved. The paper analyses the assertive roles AU is now playing both politically and militarily in peacekeeping missions and the most prominent recent example is the United Nations - African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), through the UN Security Council adoption of Resolution 1769, and African Union Missions in Burundi, Somalia, African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic. It concludes by suggesting a more active collaboration with Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).


 From Our Staff Correspondent

RCSC ANNIVERSARY IN CAIRO by D.R.Sitdikov, our Staff correspondent in Egypt
Keywords: Russia, Egypt, RCSC, bilateral relations, culture, science
A solemn event dedicated to the 50-th anniversary of the Russian Science and Culture Centre (RCSC) was held in Cairo. The guests of the evening were senior officials of Egypt, heads and staff of diplomatic missions accredited in Egypt, representatives of political, and scientific, educational and artistic circles of the country, Russian graduates.


 Scientific Life

PATH TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA by E.V.Morozenskaya PhD (Economics), Institute for African Studies RAS
The Round table “Evolution of socio-economic strategies of African states” was held in the Institute for African Studies, RAS. It was devoted to the development of evolution concepts, and options of their realization under different circumstances. Partly, the reporters concentrated on the renewal of the pan- African programme (“Agenda 2063”) and the economic strategies of main foreign partners in Africa.


 Post-Graduate Column

ASIAN MIGRATION INTO CANADA: The desctruction of the nation’s identity, or a driver of social and economic development? by E.P.Sidorova, Post-graduate student, Moscow State Linguistic University
Keywords: Canada, Asia, migration policy, migrant adaptation.
The article deals with the history and present state of migration from Asia into Canada. The positive view of current Canadian citizen on migration to their country, is stressed. The evolution of the Canadian immigration policy is analyzed, the transition from the approach of discrimination towards Asian immigrants to the modern view of a multicultural society structure, is demonstrated. The author depicts the key aspects of Asian immigrants’ contribution to the national economy, as well as the adaptation specifics upon arrival to Canada. As a conclusion, the author claims that both positive and negative effects of immigration are significant and suggests that the final result of the increased population movement from Asia into Canada will be seen within the closest decades to come.


 Our Inquairy

FREE ECONOMIC ZONES IN THE ARAB STATES by N.N.Lomakin, MGIMO-University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA)
Keywords: free economic zones (FEZ), qualifying industrial zones (QIZ), Arab states, Jordan, Egypt
The article analyses the place and role of free economic zones in the Arab economies. It emphases on the Qualified Industrial Zones in two states - Egypt and Jordan which have been created under the American initiative. These zones are the example of cross-border FEZs because they are aimed at development of Jordan- Israeli and Egypt-Israeli business. The QIZs are aimed at the production of goods and duty-free export to the USA. The goods are to satisfy to the criterion of the country of origin, which include Egypt-Israeli and Jordan-Israeli components. The zones have become the main instrument of Egypt and Jordan export to the United States.


 History Pages

SELF-KNOWLEDGE OF VIET, or a small episode of the information war in Vietnam in 1960s by P.Yu.Tsvetov, PhD (History), Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia
Keywords: Vietnam, information war, American aggression in Vietnam, the national character of the Vietnamese
In 1965, in Saigon, the book «Nguoi Viet cao quy” was released, which described the national character of the Vietnamese and the heroic history of this nation in glowing terms. The book cover indicated the Italian name of the author - A.Pazzi. In fact, the author was a famous South Vietnamese writer Vu Hanh, who wrote the book according to the instructions of Communist party leaders. The purpose of the edition was to raise the national consciousness of the Vietnamese , instilling in them pride in their nation. This information weapons was to work in the struggle against the U.S. ideological aggression, which was developed in South Vietnam in the 1960-s.


 Traditions, Customs, Morals

WITCH HUNT IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA by O.I.Kavykin, PhD (History), Institute for African Studies, RAS
Keywords: postcolonial studies, Africa, society, culture, crisis of identity, witchcraft, gender, social anthropology
The article is about the contemporary sub-Saharan Africa’s phenomenon of Witch Hunt. As a rule, victims of Witch Hunt comply with certain gender stereotypes of children or older women. The absence of laws for protection of the rights of victims, as well as a lack of political will for the implementation of existing legislation, leads to the use of customary law or extrajudicial killings.
Experts note the negative role of traditional institutions, traditional and religious leaders. Causes of this sort of violence are, also, the negative impacts of the capitalism’s development on the traditional forms of solidarity, institutions of the family and kinship. Transformation of traditional institutions under the circumstances of modernization leads to a crisis of identity and archaization of collective conscious, which in turn actualizes the ideas of ??witchcraft. Many of «witch hunters» may show, also, quite rational motives, i.e. their purposes are to snatch their neighbors’ or relatives’ property, to obtain payment for an exposure of alleged ‘witch’ or for exorcisms.


 Culture, Literature, Art

LAWLESSNESS OF RADICAL ISLAMISM AND THE UNLIMITED FEAR. The experience of antiterrorist resistance in the Algerian literature by S.V.Prozhogina, Dr.Sc. (Philology), Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Keywords: Algeria, Algerian fiction, resistance to radical Islamism
The article is devoted to the tragic pages in the history of Algeria at the end of the past - the beginning of the present century, when the country alone fought against Islamic integrism.
Reflected in the books of numerous writers, this time of Islamist terror, heavy for the people, testifies not only to the numerous sacrifices brought by Algerians in the name of Freedom and Independence,
But also about the hope of the people to win over the forces of darkness and ignorance, which tried to turn the country back from the achievements of postcolonial times.


 Book Review

AUNG SAN SUU KYI: DIFFICULT WAY TO THE POWER OLYMPUS by D.A.Brodyak, Karazin Kharkov National University (Ukraine)
Keywords: Burma/Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, politics, the elite, the army, the opposition
Released in November 2015, the monography of Polish birmanist Michal Lubina examines in detail the stages of personal and political career of Aung San Suu Kyi - leader of the democratic opposition in Burma/Myanmar, one of the most prominent politicians in developing countries. Almost the first time in the world Burmese studies author explores the life of the permanent leader of the Myanmar opposition in its perspective of becoming a politician, analyzing the complex and controversial career «icon of democracy» in terms of the theory of elites - a promising method of studying political processes in the world


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