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"Asia and Africa today" № 4 2020






PhD (History), Research Fellow, Center for European Studies, Institute for International Studies MGIMO-University ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


   The article discusses the basic principles of the German initiative Compact with Africa (CwA) and its interim results. After the migration crisis in 2015, the German authorities stepped up their policies in the African direction. In an effort to reduce the flow, Berlin has developed a number of programs aimed at developing the economies of African states and strengthening the presence of German companies in them.

   The current CwA priority program seems to be insufficiently balanced and systemic. Over the two years of its operation, the CwA initiative has not led to a rapid increase in the interest of German companies in African countries. In 2018, no more than 1,000 German companies did business in Africa, of which about 400 worked with South Africa. Only 5% of German companies plan to expand their business in Africa in the future. Representatives of the expert community of Germany doubt that one of the main goals of the program - the prevention of mass migration flows to Europe in the future - can be realized through the work of the CwA initiative.

   The basic assertion proving that increasing economic assistance will help reduce migration sentiment in African society is questionable. Statistics show that the growth of wealth in African countries only enhances their emigration to Europe. Relatively wealthy citizens from Africa are given the financial opportunity to organize a legal or illegal trip to the EU and join the ranks of migrants. Nevertheless, in the short term, the African direction of German foreign policy will receive active development.


Germany, Africa, Compact with Africa, migration, investment, economic development

Pages 50-53