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"Asia and Africa today" № 4 2020






PhD (History, Associated Professor, Russian State University for the Humanities ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


   Thе article is devoted to the Russian-Syrian religious and spiritual ties and written on the basis of foreign and Russian sources, as well as author's own research work done in Syria. It also describes historical sites and monuments related to the Old and New Testament, as well as to the era of early Christianity and its influence on the formation of the Russian Orthodox Christianity.

   The land of Syria is literally saturated with biblical landmarks and stories. That is the reason why Damascus is mentioned 23 times in the Holly Bible. Many places in Syria are associated with the old Testament characters such as Adam, Cain, Abel, Gabriel, Nimrod, the prophets Abraham, Elijah and others. The author also tells us about the Christian apostles, disciples and saints who lived in the Syrian land. The spread of Christianity around the world began from Damascus due to the St.Apostle Paul. The author introduces the reader to the most ancient Christian monasteries and monuments of Syria.

   At least 14% of the Syrian population until recently were the followers of the Christian faith (mostly Orthodox). And before the Muslim Arabs came here in the XVII th century, almost the entire population of Syria was Christian. Due to the war unleashed by terrorist groups in recent years, the number of Christians in Syria has decreased several times. Taking into account this situation the publication of the article dedicated to the Christianity of Syria and its monuments would draw the readers' attention to this important problem.


Syria, Damascus, Russia, spiritual links

Pages 74-78