"Asia and Africa today"
- is a scientificl monthly journal (in Russian)
of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Included in Russian Science Citation Index on
WoS platform, and EBSCO Publishing.
ISSN 0321-5075. Published since July 1957.



"Aziya i Afrika segodnya" journal’s audience includes scholars, researchers, PhD students and humanities students, as well as politicians, public figures, experts of Russian and foreign organizations that work with Asian and African countries.



Analysis of socio-political, economic, demographic, environmental, cultural and other processes in Asian and African countries.

The major areas and subjects for presentation in the magazine:

- political development of Asian and African countries;

- economic problems of Asian and African countries;

- development economics;

- Asian and African states’ activities in UN and regional international organizations;

- food problem in developing states;

- aggravation of environmental problems in Asian and African continents;

- ethnic and interfaith conflicts;

- Islam and its influence on political processes in Asian and African countries;

- culture, science, education, literature, art;

- religions, beliefs, cults;

- traditions, customs, morals;

- chapters of history;

- Russia – East (political, economic, cultural and other relations of Russia with Asian and African countries).



Assistance to scientific research in the field of Oriental and African studies. Publication of materials on the basis of topical research and theses, and also based on the results of overseas trips and fieldwork. Reviews of key Russian and international conferences and symposiums.

Attraction of foreign researchers as authors.

Reviewing the most significant works and monographs on the journal’s topics.

The practical help to young orientalists and africanists. Publication of their materials under the heading "Post-graduate Column".

Cooperation with Oriental research Centres and Faculties of the Russian higher education institutions. Attraction of researchers and academic lecturers as journal authors.



Prompt reaction to the events taking place in Asian and African countries.

Extending of topics and improvement of quality of materials to be published.

Strengthening and development of cooperation with co-founders of the journal - Institute of Oriental Studies and Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Publication of article abstracts in English in each issue.