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"Asia and Africa today" № 7 2020





Аuthor Igor V. BRITOV
Lecturer, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Moscow ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Abstract:    Vietnam managed to prevent high incidence of coronavirus infection, although there were many reasons to think that the new disease would take its toll on great numbers of the country’s population.
The article analyzes root factors that allowed the Vietnamese government to succeed in containing the epidemic while resorting to the traditional package of sanitation and socio-economic measures, the majority of which is being implemented in other countries. A great role belongs to traditional Confucian values that have long become firmly established in the Vietnamese society, i.e. observance of strict hierarchy among people, submission to authority and commitment to discipline.
   The country used its experience of mobilization that was accumulated during Vietnam's Resistance wars for national independence in the 20th century. This allowed for rapid decision-making as well as swift implementing of COVID-19 threat containment policy. The characteristics of the historically established communal organization of Vietnamese society and the specific nature of the modern one-party political system had a positive impact too. Native customs and national habits of Vietnamese people, namely, being accustomed to wearing protective masks, are also of great importance. Natural and climatic conditions of the country turned out to be an essential factor of success as well.
   The author underscores that it were the nation specifics of Vietnam that made the anticoronavirus policy of the country highly efficient in many ways. The article concludes that studying the decision-making technology, the mechanism of government and the system of control in Vietnam may become helpful for other countries in their struggle with epidemics. The mere fact that Vietnam was able to prevent spreading of the coronavirus infection within its territory at relatively modest costs is very significant for recovery of economy. Vietnam started rebuilding its economic life ahead of other countries.
   The successful experience of Vietnam’s stand-off with coronavirus increased confidence of foreign investors, which should also bolster its rapid economic recovery.
Keywords: Vietnam, COVID-19, pandemic, Confucian values, effective management
Pages 33-40